We all have that favorite outfit we wish we could wear to the gym every single day. The problem is that wearing and washing clothes frequently can make them lose their shape, color and elasticity. Ripping seams or worn out fabric is typically not a result of bad quality garment, but simply a result of how we treat it. In this article we’re sharing all our secret tips to take better care of your beloved workout gear and make your clothing investment worth every penny by giving them a longer life!

Our seamless collections are the most loved pieces on the website, and we understand why. The stretchy fabric, flattering design and perfect fit make seamless pieces a must-have for any closet. By choosing seamless you are not only treating yourself to really great active wear, you’re also making a sustainable choice. Since seamless clothes are not made out of large pieces of fabric, there is minimal to no waste! The seamless technology uses the resources to a max.

The sports bra is every girls’ best friend. Finding the right one can be equally hard, as important, and the wide range of bras on the market can sometimes be overwhelming. But getting your hands on the perfect one shouldn’t be harder than the workout you plan to use them for, so we gathered all the information you need to find the best sports bra for your needs.

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