ICANIWILL - ICIW 100% Climate Compensated

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ICANIWILL - ICIW 100% Climate Compensated

Taking care of our environment is more important now than ever. We take responsibility by compensating 100% of our calculated CO2 emissions through a reforestation project in Mexico. In other words, we offset all carbon emissions generated from every stage of our business, from production to delivery, as a first essential step in our battle against climate change.

In addition, we have set bold sustainability goals to reduce our CO2 emissions. Here are our goals for 2025.

By doing this, we make sure that we can continue to grow our business while limiting our environmental footprint.

Using recycled materials has multiple benefits. It can, for example, reduce landfill waste, air and water pollution as well as the extraction of non-renewable fossil resources from the Earth that would otherwise be necessary to make new textiles.


Using organic cotton will drastically reduce the environmental impact of our clothes. Organic cotton farming involves crop rotation which keeps the soil fertile and reduces its water demand, prevents chemical pesticides as well as harmful chemicals in the textile factories.

Keeping flight transportation to a minimum will ensure limited CO2 emissions related to shipping.

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